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Keeping Up To Date

collectin info

Social Media Aggregation or Social Media Hubs can be expensive

A blog can keep a social media collection of twitter info regularly updating.

The blog shown is private but keeps lots of job seeking info in one place and has remails, rss feeds, twitters, bookmarks, pinterest boards, pearltrees and all the necessary tools to find information quickly and easily. Its not necessary to have the clean lines of a Business focused media feed in the design Its more important to have something that can keep motivation going and maybe expresses something of the disappointment that is a fact of life when job seeking in the current climate. The twitter isn’t private and collects all kinds of job seeking info. There’s further blog with research into Companies who have offered interviews for the purpose of reviewing further opportunities and these create a suite of job seeking info = The Community website with job seeking pages to easily recollect Community issues, The Community Work Placement Diary blog for remembering all the ins and outs of how working for no money goes, The CV and Resume blogs for my personal info – My over 50 blog to collect info relevant to the over 50s. All easy reminders for this seemingly impossible task and round robin of perhipheral work and Govt initiatives.

In previous decades, I was always successful on the first attempt at finding a new job.

The blog9s) is-are accessible from my Android Smartphone and keeps the information I need in one place. Its simple to add posts and collect twitter info.

It is possible to make similar info blogs for any set of information and of course the social media information updates as it is created. I believe they are really invaluable – in much the same way as a Time Management tome.

Tweet Deck allows multiple twitter updates and I am proficient in its use.

This format is useful for students, for example the Tutor2u Business Studies blogs, Bloomberg, the Nat Office of Statistics and other web resources can be added and update in real time.

It is possible to access private blogs and all the links from mobile phones.


It is possible to export bookmarks and gather them in a visual format either in small ‘pearls’ which appear in rotating tree format or a square gallery format. Pearltrees, Pinterest and StumbleUpon are all useful sites for information where bookmarks were previously used but only Pearltrees allows the movement of bookmark to visual and clickable links. NetVibes is another useful site for information collection particularly rss feeds.

Webinars are popular and its possible to make ebooks and pdf books with wikipedia information


Now all this Experience and Information and Competence are just waiting to be utilised there is a further opportunity to provide some research or policy authoring or Risk Assessing and Micro Business Start up info collecting as well as Social Media updating and Resource making on an ad hoc basis.



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