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Currently I have a Self Employed Tuition Business and write resources. I am working with local area Travel and Tourism social media, in my spare time too.

Profiles are on both the First Tutors and Tutorhunt websites.

I passed a Return To Teaching Course in 2007-8, with the Literacy Matters Company the Teaching Criteria are referenced and certificated please see the following information:-

This is to certify that

Susan F Farmer

Has successfully completed a TDA funded, Secondary, Return to Teaching Course

The Qualification is in addition to and updates QTS and PGCE Secondary, it Covers and Certificates the following elements:

National Strategy Professional Standards for Teachers

Ofsted National Curriculum & 14 –19 Curriculum

National Strategies
Every Child Matters

Improving the Climate for Learning
Classroom/ Behaviour &
School Management

Learning Styles



Designing & Planning Lessons

SEN code of Practice
Reading Assessment
Writing Assessment
Cross Curricular Links


It including the successful completion of a ten day school placement, modern methods of teaching,
Self evaluation & career progression

The Certificate and Reference are available on request.

A full traditional CV is also available on request.

A resume is at the end of this page.


A Short Personal Comment follows on my Working Years and additional info to precis the last 45 working years as I can’t hide my age:-

Pension Age Info first: – (Do no ask about my view of working to 67 as it is mixed), I enjoy working and had many years experience in Administration and Teaching- Tutoring, but I would have liked my paid-for pension on the date it was due.

I would quite like my bus-pass as the bus lanes into town are much better than driving and paying to park, (£14 for 5 hours in 2016 weekdays) and I believe we/the Gov. should have considered all working people retiring at 62-63 for equality instead; particularly as many people are working with their hands (RSI) or manual work and beyond those diplomatic words there hides a difficult situation and a stronger viewpoint.

Self Employed people have often chosen that style of work beyond their ‘normal’ retirement age – but with their pension payment already in place. Its commonplace to take an occupational pension and then work on contracts.

I do have a few small occupational pensions (some I ‘cashed in’ and wished I hadn’t) but I would not have taken the largest existing one at 50 had I been aware at the time that the Gov had already changed my retirement date but not let me know.

As you can see from my CV I have many years of working – some 38 or so full time. If I include Saturdays and holiday weeks as a teenager from 15 and a term – its even longer i.e. 45 years.

I would like to know why the Occupational Pension Company were not instructed to advise me about my State Pension Age change in 2005, particularly if the State Pension change was first recorded as law in 1995. I received no direct communication until about one year before age 60 from the Government.

Working Life:-

I commenced my full time ‘Employed’ Life in 1971, 45 years ago as a Saturday Girl for the United Shoe Company working Saturdays and holidays for a very professional Shoe Shop Sales Manager and large organisation.

I then commenced full time occupation in 1974 – also very long time ago, and a time span that the younger generation have some difficulty to assimilate.

I was an individual who was not able to go to University as my friends did, despite studying to do so. I had to attend paid work from the 22nd of 24 months through an A Level course to boost family income as my parents required financial contributions after older siblings had left home to be married and stopped paying ‘board’. My parents had a mortgage to pay and my mum stayed home; she too had RSI from nearly qualifying to above LRAM and teach music (WW2 interrupted her career path), and working really hard on her family farm during the war years, she also developed quite advanced arthritis. My father had to retire at 62 with a heart condition leaving me a support carer at varying levels for the next 30 years. Standard girl’s-women’s world.

I liked working and earning, I started right at the ‘bottom’ in Shop and Bar work even though I had 8 ‘O’ levels and 1 O/A level (AS now) . I even attempted to be taken on at Raleigh shop floor making bicycles in 1972 and was categorically and very unceremoniously sent from the Personnel Manager’s office as I had sat ‘O’ level examinations and been to a Grammar School rather than the Bilateral and 2 CSE’s if lucky. I wanted to work there as the money was, in my world, excellent far higher than clerical wages.

I was confused at the world and its inconsistency – I had passed Ballet examinations at age 7-11 to Grade 4, been denied a dancing future by passing the 11+ and going to Grammar School and was ‘qualified’ to ‘O’ (and eqivalent AS) level and had studied all but 7 weeks of Four A Levels, but was not allowed to go to University. I can only assume that my parents thought I would become a wife and all the associated dance, education and work was a temporary stop-gap from being a happy wife and mother with a decent home and working husband. I wasn’t lucky and those ‘ordinary’ world situations were upset with company downsizing. Ten years earlier would have made a difference.

My main aim was just that, to be a decent working individual with a career who could own a home jointly with a husband and have a family, maternity leave and a pension paid for personally as I became of retirement age for women, my older colleagues had access to that world, then and now.

It was a great shame to not go to University at 18 as I was then restricted somewhat, as a non degree person, for some considerable time to low pay and through no fault of anyone’s in particular, the ensuing downsizing of Companies that occurred through the late 70s and 80s and 90s steadily eroded the world of building better employment and salaries through career progression. Instead it meant changes in career and companies and often starting again from scratch. Of course the ‘lads’ did have a better or more traditional route to better salaries.

This is a difficult concept for the bureaucrats – that people do really have a 50 year working life as well as a potential 100 year personal life and that they do not necessarily reap the rewards from hard work they/we expect- but it genuinely is so and impacts considerably on pensions not to mention health. However I have to sat it has been an interesting working life so far and I would not have missed working relationships with colleagues for anything, based on teamwork and delivery and success they are rewarding and when a successful company disappears it is devastating.

I have ‘made it’ to the top of some small trees, some larger ones and some controversial ones in the last 40 years but have kept a keen interest in whatever I do and attempted to bring intelligence, problem solving, good nature and competence to everything I have worked on and bounced back at every setback.

I ran a small Finance Office and had a Company Mortgage and small Company Car. I nearly achieved my dream.

A complicated divorce and on/off relationship prevented me from owning my home, and I had to ‘start again.

I even ‘made it’ as an elected individual through the ‘women’s seat’ concept to the Central Executive Committee of Britains second largest union – who merged with the union I was in (as a ‘closed shop’ after much lengthy persuassion ie formerly APEX, the Association of Administrative, Professional and Executive Staff) and from there became an Industrial Tribunals ‘Lay’ (not qualified or simliar) Member sitting on Industrial Tribunals.

After being Unfairly Dissmissed in a Telecommunications merger in the 1990s (following what was described as ‘redundancy but was not; with some 100 other ‘special cases, Disability, Pregnancy, Trade Union Duties which agreed by the selling co. and part of the employment contract) I had a short family break and then went to University and gained a BSc Hons 2.1.

I returned to the Telecoms Co to work a contract through the Millenium ‘potential bug’ changeover in 1999 and then returned to University to complete a PGCE Secondary and was hopeful of a new career teaching Business Studies and ICT; hours that were compatible with having a family and older parents who had become in need of care in their own home.

Almost standard womens career path.

Currently I have a small Tuition Business with Direct Sales – to stay in touch with and up to date with the working world. This business can run one or two evenings a week and would not prevent full time working.

A violent relationship divorce and subsequent on-off situation prevented the long uninterrupted mortgage which could have ended up with a home of our own and family (more standard women’s hassle) and fear of repair bills and unreliable work conditions through the intervening years: the huge expense of buying annuities for a personal pension at £50,000 for every annual retirement annuity of just £2500 pa for life prevented a personal pension after inheriting a sibling divided estate in 2010.

So now I need to find a career or contract work, or Self Employment to 67 or beyond.

I am not cynical far from it, but young in outlook and prepared to start yet again!

CV 24 May 2016a

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