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Community Support

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Community Support 1989

Part of a team resurrecting the L.E.W.R.T. Welfare Rights organisation in Erewash in Derbyshire working mostly answering queries using the C.P.A.G. handbook and organising the volunteer team and finance for the running of the organisation.  (C.P.A.G. – Child Poverty Action Group)

Community Support The Vale Community Association  2013

Supporting the Local Community Association Charity with Project Work

This is not a simple task in the days of moving towards Self Financing and away from Council Funding. 

There are many layers of expertise needed and the Charity have a group of volunteers some who give their time on top of their normal working week, and some whilst job seeking, all try to run their Community Centre as Trustees and Committee members.

These trustees and volunteers ans co-opted workers all have a multi-faceted outlook on the Development which is facing them over the next three years.

As their Social Media Secretary and temporary Minute Secretary for a short space of time I have created their Facebook, Twitter and Website/Blog and attended meetings to take minutes, authored and typed their Development Plan Resource, their Fire Risk Framework Document and created reports for a computer club as well as making a further information collecting blog for the Community Associations in the East Midlands (see the front page footnote for the link). 

It really is a complex and sometimes frustrating objective and a more flexible approach by moving to Charitable Incorporated Status would help people wishing to start up in business and use the facilities.

I have also attended a funding application training day for the centre and meetings with the new Lead Organisations who are to take over their funding allocations from the Council.  This activity has been mostly out of normal working hours.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Similarly the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust have many volunteers and paid workers – and recently I have typed a 200 page book for them to celebrate their Fifty Years Anniversary, the book The Nature of Nottinghamshire had gone out of print and as a volunteer in the evenings I have retyped the whole book. I attended at their office once a week through the winter of 2012 and assisted the Marketing Department with lots of research and publishing.

Nottingham Industrial Museum

At the Nottingham Industrial Museum I have been an unpaid support worker at weekends and fortnightly on a weekday evening have also been their minute secretary.

All these activities if carried on at a regular time and even for travel expenses could be deemed employment so there is quite a high turnover of job seeker volunteers. I would be happy to continue in leisure time once working again.

I created a website-blog to help the local community keep all their information in one place and the image shows a screen picture of the interactive information.


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