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1975 Sun Alliance Assurance and the amazing (communicating between location offices),  Geac Computer Interesting element blogpost,  a computer on my desk communicating to distant brances of Sun Alliance Insurance-Assurance electronically. What was all the fuss about Microsoft home conputing and the Internet … Continue reading

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A few info web-blogs etc

I would like any other colour than black for the gallery background – but its a free blog! The pics are representations of information gathering web-blogs, twitter, pocket and good … Continue reading

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Current May to July 2015

A small part-time temporary job working in a local Garden Centre Coffee bar since April 2015 and ending in July 2015 – potentially with hours in the future as they … Continue reading

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Tweet Info from East Midlands Jobs (@JobsEastMids)

How to feed your jobs through to Twitter Shared via Plume

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Info-graphic CV

An Infographic CV should represent the individual through Diagrams, obviously in our current world of visual learning it helps to have an overall or wider view of the Curriculum Vitae … Continue reading

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