Sue F Farmer

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Aim and Objective

The Aim and Objective of this Online CV website/blog

      Curriculum Vitae Mrs S F Farmer PGCE BSc Hons 2.1

    Traditionally a Curriculum Vitae is an individual’s entire career history written longhand and only one copy is kept.

    In today’s terms (2014) the short format (which has to have reference to online space/storage kbytes) is the accepted format and many online websites expect a very short uploaded CV to send on to prospective interested parties, and they also ask for a profile to be completed with a Covering Letter or short box of relevant information applicable to the vacancy. This presumably equals a portfolio of details and should be subject to copyright and secure. The online recruitment websites also have uploaded short resumes with covering letters and downloaded copies are forwarded to employers.

    It is possible to make a CV Resume public or private on the online recruitment websites and yet I have chosen not to make my online recruitment website files public, instead I have elected to create this website in its place and a clickable link is on my CV which is forwarded to interested people and in this way I hope to keep my information a little more secure.

    I was directed to a Careers website which recommends creating a visual CV or Infographic CV-Resume and in the interests of moving with the current generation of job seekers I have made such a Visual or Infographic set of six pages on this website/blog.

    There are other websites and online profiles created by this author.

    I am a really good Teacher, Tutor, Communicator and resource maker and a superb Administrator – Employers would be crazy to not invite me to work with them!


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