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Info Collecting

Rss Feeds were the way to collect information until Twitter became popular.

The Google Rss Feed Reader disappeared and many accounts went to NetVibes – there are other sites of course.

Blog posts and media can be linked and return back to the NetVibes dashboard.

Tweet Deck is really useful for managing  multiple Twitter Accounts.


NetVibes screens can be made public and are available to view


seeking work netvibes news


netvibes env




netvibes job seeking uk list




netvibes job photo rss click link



Google of course has its famous Hangouts and Circles.

google circles


google hangouts


Facebook and Pages go without saying

save sherwood forest


There’s software to make sophisticated galleries and add to websites, publisher to make any kind of document and some art software that is useful for attractive looking materials.

I type at 70 wpm when I’m not working full time, and 100 wpm after a couple of weeks.  I fly around a keyboard with information gathering and am amazingly fast as long as there is datatime and its working quickly enough.

I understand social media and sophisticated information gathering software and am keen on making information attractive and for personal or tutoring purposes not too slick and polished as I would like students at any level to feel they can read my information and create what they need in a short space of time so they can get on with the tasks of living and balancing studies work and a life.

For Companies – I would obviously adhere to the policies and would link with the systems analysts and technicians and designers who are much more qualified and professional.  I am however quite an innovate person for suggestions on Intranets and how to work as efficiently as possible and good with information gathering for Eesearch or Executive Secretarial or P/A purposes.


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