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Info-graphic CV

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An Infographic CV should represent the individual through Diagrams, obviously in our current world of visual learning it helps to have an overall or wider view of the Curriculum Vitae or Resume.  It is not meant to discount the written CV, but to complement it.

A written CV-Resume is available on request from the email address shown.

A basic Linkedin Profile is available at:-

There’s a home-made twitter at Nottm_vacancies for any information relating to job seeking, it’s also a social media resource and messages can be tweeted there.

It should be said here that Teaching at Secondary level means communicating at every level from Year 7 (Age 11) to Post 16 however the formal working world is obviously primarily aimed at effective communications between adults who are peers:  Info-graphics  however seem to bridge the gap between all ages and are more suited to our modern world in some circumstances.  In a later post (and possibly after inviting comments and discussion) more Information on Twitter and Social Media and their relevance to CV’s and Resume’s can be included if viewers would like to leave their opinions (please see the acceptable use policy)

There are also Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest and Pearltree sites that will also be included. It may seem that a focus on these types of communication is not quite in tune with serious minded personal information, but increasingly even organisations such as the very respectable Oxford University careers advice site recommend visual as well as written Curriculum Vitae/Resume’s


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